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Ode to Curly Fries by ParamourPoet27 Ode to Curly Fries by ParamourPoet27

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Okay, so there IS a story behind this! A while back, some friends and I were talking about random stuff while eating lunch, and the subject turned to poetry, for example, "How can people write cheesy poetry, and then NOT realize it's cheesy?" So we got on the topic of inspiration for cheesy poetry and how it must be like, " Oh wow! there's a dead fish on the road! I should write about that!" So my friend Bella (mentioned in the poem) told my other friend Jake to get her some curly fries, so he comes back with the fries and they get into this HUGE argument about who gets the curliest curly fries, It was actually sort of funny, so I just randomly decided to write cheesy poetry about their "epic" battle over the fries, which then sparked a cheesy poetry contest! It was great! Anyways, I'm not really a poet, I just randomly get inspired by stuff like that and need a creative outlet, since I can NOT draw, or sing, or dance, or play instruments well. Oh well, enjoy!
DarkRiderDLMC Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Curly Fries are well known for causing this kind of trouble :nod::no::shrug::D
ParamourPoet27 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Ikr! :nod:
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